Serving Businesses in the Town of Palm Beach

GSCRA is an organization dedicated to serving the businesses, merchants, and professionals of the Greater South County Road corridor and the Town of Palm Beach.

About Our Meetings

The Regular monthly meetings of the The Greater South County Road Association are held on the last Friday of the month. The Board of Directors meets on the second Tuesday of each month.

Membership Application  (Please click here for printable PDF)

Dear members and prospective members, the Board of Directors of the Greater South County Road Association is excited about 2018.  Just two years ago, when we introduced our new site, we had just dedicated the Memorial Fountain,  and we look forward to assisting business owners in promoting the beautification and success of your efforts.

This year’s membership will guarantee your placement in the annual Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce Directory. Let’s make sure your name is on the page to educate and remind homeowners and visitors about your business.

Name of Business: 




Contact Person: 




Phone:  ________________________     Fax:  ______________________________

E-mail Address: 


¤          $150 Annual Memberhsip Dues                             ___New          ____ Renew

Additional Promotional Opportunities for your business:

¤          $250 Breakfast Meeting sponsor

¤          $125 Newsletter postage sponsor

¤          $125 Advertising – Business card size ad in the Newsletter

¤          $250 Advertising – Quarter page ad in the Newsletter

¤          $350 Advertising – Half page ad in the Newsletter

Total Enclosed:  $______________

Please make checks payable to:  Greater south County Road Association

Post Office Box 2648, Palm Beach, FL 33480