In 1977 Palm Beach attorney Michael B. Small joined Jesse Newman, Embassy Travel owners Nigel and Deedy Marix, and Tom Keresy, former president of First National Bank in Palm Beach, in founding the South County Road Association to represent and to give voice to Palm Beach’s central business district. This area is bordered by The Breakers to the north and The Colony on the south, and between the ocean and the Intracoastal waterway. Only Michael B. Small survives.

The founders recognized the prominence and scope of the central business district: hotels, resorts, restaurants, financial institutions, central governmental offices, police and fire departments, professional offices, community organizations and retail businesses. Initially, the four were concerned with parking, traffic and construction issues, somewhat similar to issues we face today. They differed on what to name the association. Some felt that the name “Central Business District” would be appropriate. But since South County Road was the area’s spine connecting all parts of the district, others felt “South County Road Association” would be more suitable.

Michael Small , who served as County Attorney for Palm Beach County , later served as President of this Association, and continued to practice law in Palm Beach for almost 40 years as a member of the three generation Small  Family Law Firm started by Michael’s father in 1929. Years later Michael was joined by his daughter Lisa Small, now a Circuit Court Judge, who also served as President of this Association and J.D. Small, now a Chief Felony Prosecutor. Michael’s wife, Ann has served as a member of the Board of Directors of this Association for many years. Michael continues his service to the Town of Palm Beach as a Member of the Town’s Architectural Review Commission.